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Checkpoint Functionality - Setting up
Checkpoint Functionality: eLearning Mini Lesson - Installing Speedlink
Price: Free

Speedlink is a free, easy-to-install tool that provides instant access to Checkpoint. Once the tool is installed, you have several options on how to enter Checkpoint, including performing a keyword search, searching by code, searching the Federal Tax Handbook by paragraph, using the Form/Line Finder tool, or linking to accounting content.

You also can link to training and support sources, e-Form RS, and to PPC and WG&L tools. Or click Go to Checkpoint to simply open the program. User names and passwords are stored by Speedlink so you do not have to log in each time.

This "Show Me" demonstrates how to install and begin using Speedlink.

Field of Study: Computer Software & Applications
CPE Credit:
5 minutes

Available in: Web-based e-learning (self-study)Web-based e-learning (self-study)

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